KubeCon + CloudNativeCon, Rejekts and Wasm I/O Wrap-Up: A Leap into the Future with WebAssembly, AI, and Sustainable Cloud Practices

KubeCon + CloudNativeCon, Rejekts and Wasm I/O Wrap-Up: A Leap into the Future with WebAssembly, AI, and Sustainable Cloud Practices

KubeCon + CloudNativeCon 2024

Location: Paris(19th-22nd March)

The tech world has been buzzing with innovations and insights, as evidenced by the recent Wasm I/O and KubeCon + CloudNativeCon events. These conferences not only showcased groundbreaking technologies but also set the stage for future trends in the industry. Here's a comprehensive wrap-up, highlighting the significant launches, discussions, and developments that have set the tech community abuzz.

The event was dominated by discussions around making Kubernetes more accessible to AI engineers and establishing it as the go-to platform for AI workloads, ensuring seamless operation. The keynote, presented by Priyanka, featured a live demo that illustrated this integration, driving home the point that Kubernetes is evolving to meet the needs of the AI-driven future.

KubeCon also showcased the growing synergy between Kubernetes, AI, and sustainability, offering insights into the latest trends and innovations in the cloud-native ecosystem.

You can see the buzz words in the cloud native ecosystem and where WebAssembly sits in! This is very interesting, SpinKube - a framework to deploy spin apps on Kubernetes easily was launched at WasmIO and then showcased at KubeCon also caught a lot of interest from the cloud native community. Now is your time to learn about WebAssembly from the free course that we have on Kubesimplify(The only complete course on YouTube)

Kubesimplify team talks at KubeCon:

Building a Tool to Debug Minimal Container Images

Speakers: Saiyam Pathak and Kyle Quest Addressing the challenges associated with distroless and slim containers, this session covered the tool called mint for debugging container images across platforms like Docker, Containerd, and Kubernetes, enhancing developers' experience and efficiency.

CloudnativeHacks Sustainability Panel Discussion

Panelists: Saiyam Pathak, Leonard Pahlke, Saloni Narang, Kristina D., and Niki Manoledaki
The discussion delved into sustainable practices within the cloud-native space, featuring insights from the Technical Advisory Group (TAG) on sustainability and offering actionable recommendations for fostering an environmentally friendly cloud-native ecosystem.

Heating Pools with Cloud Power: A New Wave in Green Computing

Speakers: Saiyam Pathak and Mark Bjornsgaard
The theme of sustainability was also prominent, with Civo and Deepgreen illustrating their innovative approach to reusing server heat for community swimming pools, reflecting a growing trend towards green computing. This tlak showcased end to end production usecase of Deep green + Civo + Fermyon.

The Kubernetes Hunger Games: Distro Performance in the Edge

Speakers: Saiyam Pathak and Shivay Lamba
This session provided an in-depth analysis of Kubernetes distributions in edge computing settings, examining the performance and suitability of microk8s, k0s, and k3s through various benchmarks, including fio, kbench, sysbench, and Iperf.

Overall Program Highlights:

  • Kubestronaut Program Launch: An initiative recognizing individuals who have achieved all five of CNCF’s Kubernetes certifications, promoting continued learning and expertise in the Kubernetes ecosystem.

  • Cloud-Native AI working group: Group formed to bring together the AI and cloud native world together to solve bigger challenges together. They also released a whitepaper that gives a brief overview of the state-of-the-art AI/ML techniques, followed by what CN technologies offer, covering the next challenges and gaps before discussing evolving solutions. The paper will equip engineers and business personnel with the knowledge to understand the changing Cloud Native Artificial Intelligence (CNAI) ecosystem and its opportunities.

  • KubeCon EU next year is in London and Also KubeCon India happening this year in Delhi.

  • eBPF took a rise alongside of WebAssembly and AI.

Quotes form team Kubesimplify:

Saiyam said "KubeCon was amazing and I got to meet a lot of people, made new connections, great questions after all my talks. The AI thing at KubeCon was interesting and I saw a lot of sponsors showcasing the AI capabilities. The AI hub was cool as well. Totally worth it going to the biggest cloud native conference with great conversations"

Saloni said "Going with the baby is always challenging but love how CNCF provides the childcare facilities because of which I was able to go to my panel talk and also connect with people in the hallway track. the project pavilion was great!"

Faeka said "I saw the ebpf trend on hike and all around.📈These are two things I really need to catch hold off as they are moving very quickly. I was the only student from India this time, and i believe we need more exposure to these conferences for students.It was a very happening overall and I learnt more about the solutions so many companies are building on top of Kubernetes."

All the talks are being uploaded on CNCF YouTube channel and our sessions will be uploaded soon. One of them is already there.

Here is the curated list of recommended talks by team KubeSimplify

Wasm I/O 2024 Wrap-Up: Harnessing WebAssembly for Future Tech

Location: Barcelona(14th and 15th March)

Wasm I/O 2024 focused on the evolution and application of WebAssembly (WASM) in modern computing, emphasizing machine learning, sustainability, and operational efficiency. This one highlighted more of production applications and component model. During the conference, SpinKube was launched that aims to simplify deployment of spin apps on Kubernetes.
Wasm I/O also highlighted the potential of WebAssembly in enhancing AI applications and how it contributes to sustainable software with its key features of startup times, low footprint.

Google also talked how they are using Wasm in Production as all levels and then very interestingly how WASM is used at edge.

Wasm I/O talks by team KubeSimplify:

Accelerating ML Inferencing with WebAssembly & Spin 2.0

Speakers: Saiyam Pathak and Radu Matei
This session explored the integration of AI with WebAssembly, providing an introduction to AI concepts, machine learning types (supervised and unsupervised), and the steps to develop an AI inference application. The use of SpinKube for local deployment and connection to remote GPUs, as well as deployment strategies on Kubernetes, were detailed, showcasing the scalability and efficiency of WASM in AI contexts.

Create Production-Grade Wasm Applications on Kubernetes

Speakers: Saiyam Pathak and Sven Pfennig Focusing on practical applications, This workshop started with basic introduction to Kubernetes and WebAssembly, then deploying a customised WASm version of potatohead application on Kubernetes. Enabling logging, metrics and doing some fancy chaos experiments with the application deployed.

Sustainability with WASM? - Faster, Greener Computing

Panelists: Saloni Narang, Saiyam Pathak, Danielle Lancashire, Shivay Lamba, and Rishit Dagli This panel discussion centered around the environmental impact of computing and how WASM contributes to sustainability. The conversation covered the software-hardware intersection, programming languages' effects on energy consumption, and how WASM aids in reducing this footprint, promoting a sustainable development model in the tech industry.

Cloud native Rejekts - Human sized conference

Paris(17th-18th March)

Cloud Native Rejekts EU 2024 conference unfolded as a beacon for technologists, from seasoned experts to novices eager to dive into the cloud-native ecosystem. This year's edition was held at a dope location that was a game centre and the talks ranged from community wellbeing to the depth of cutting-edge technologies. Kubesimplify was again proud to be the community SPONSOR for this event.

The conference demystified eBPF, offering a beginner-friendly introduction and its usage in different projects. Security discussions were equally robust, touching upon pivotal aspects of Kubernetes, containers, and the emerging Gateway API, alongside the vital role of OpenTelemetry in enhancing observability across cloud-native applications.

The talks recording will be out soon on their YouTube channel, all the talks were amazing but to cover the spectrum do watch these top three:

1)Kubernetes: container images and OCI Registry, resilience and security
2)eBPF: understanding for beginners, frameworks and observability solutions
3)Community: growth and initiatives, human aspects such as burnout and empathy

The knowledge shared at Cloud Native Rejekts EU 2024 promises to inspire and educate, fostering growth and innovation within the cloud-native landscape.

By breaking down the content from Wasm I/O and KubeCon + CloudNativeCon 2024, we can appreciate the profound advancements and discussions shaping the future of WebAssembly, AI, Kubernetes, and sustainable computing. These events have not only highlighted current technological capabilities but also charted the path for future innovations and practices in the tech industry.

Some pictures from both the events:

As always it was great meeting everyone in person, feel free to connect with us if you were not able to meet in person as we would be happy to chat.

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