Kubesimplify at WasmIO and KubeCon EU 2024

Kubesimplify at WasmIO and KubeCon EU 2024

Get ready for an action-packed fortnight in the WebAssembly realm! Saiyam Pathak(Founder of Kubesimplify) and Saloni Narang(DevRel) are on their way to the Wasm I/O event in Barcelona, Spain, and then off to the Cloud native Rejekts and then to KubeCon + CloudNativeCon EU ‘24 in Paris, France. Each event is going to be amazing as they both are speaking at the events and Kubesimplify is a proud community sponsor for Rejekts. Continue reading to discover all the sessions at both conferences!

You can talk with Saiyam/Saloni and understand Kubesimplify's mission and collaboration opportunities for DevRel, Content and Interviews onsite.

Wasm I/O ‘24

  • Accelerating ML Inferencing with WebAssembly & Spin 2.0: Saiyam Pathak and Radu Matei
    Session Link
    Dive into ML inferencing and the evolution of AI with WASM and Spin 2.0. Discover the potential of WASM for AI app development, performance enhancements, and cross-platform security.

  • Create Production-Grade Wasm Applications on Kubernetes [Workshop]: Saiyam Pathak and Sven Pfennig
    Session Link
    Learn to deploy and manage robust Wasm applications on Kubernetes. This workshop covers everything from deployment to monitoring, focusing on production-grade solutions.

  • Sustainability with WASM? - Faster, Greener Computing [Panel]: Saloni Narang, Saiyam Pathak, Danielle Lancashire, Shivay Lamba and Rishit Dagli
    Session Link
    Explore the role of WASM in achieving greener computing. Our panel discusses the environmental benefits of WASM, optimizing resources for sustainable development.

KubeCon + CloudNativeCon EU ‘24

  • Colocated Event: The Kubernetes Hunger Games: Distro Performance in the Edge: Saiyam Pathak and Shivay Lamba
    Session Link
    Join us for an analysis of Kubernetes distributions in edge computing environments. Discover how different distros cater to diverse edge computing needs.

  • CloudnativeHacks Sustainability Panel Discussion: Saiyam Pathak, Leonard Pahlke, Saloni Narang, Kristina D. and Niki Manoledaki
    Session Link
    Join our panel as we dive into the sustainability practices within cloud-native ecosystems. Learn about the advancements in TAG sustainability.

  • Heating Pools with Cloud Power: A New Wave in Green Computing: Saiyam Pathak and Mark Bjornsgaard
    Session Link
    Discover how Civo & DEEP GREEN's project uses server heat for community pools. This case study highlights the synergy between cooling technologies and cloud solutions.

  • Building a Tool to Debug Minimal Container Images: Saiyam Pathak and Kyle Quest
    Session Link
    Learn about tools that enhance the debugging of minimal container images across Kubernetes, Docker, and ContainerD, filling gaps in existing developer tooling.

Kubesimplify is thrilled to engage with the community, share insights, and learn from fellow enthusiasts. Be sure to add these sessions to your schedule, and Saiyam Pathak + Saloni Narang can't wait to connect with you in Barcelona and Paris!

Be ready for KubeCon and WasmIO by learning about WebAssembly and Kubernetes from our our workshops!

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