My First International conference- Open Source Summit-2022🎉

My First International conference- Open Source Summit-2022🎉

It is true all Hardwork pays off in the end. I have been involved with Open Source for the past 2 years and this year I got a chance to attend my first in-person International conference Opensource Summit-2022 in Dublin, Ireland under the generous scholarship by Linux Foundation.

  • In this blog I have posted few pics, and shared my experiences of my first International Conference.

  • Throwback to the time when I was filling the CFP form in June, and on a fine morning on July 7th when I woke up I checked my mails and I saw that I got selected as a speaker. I was so happy, and I became numb for some time, and I just called to my mom to share about this.

Visa :

  • Getting Visa was one of the important step in this whole thing. After all the suspense and thriller, my Visa got approved just before the 4 days of my trip. image.png

Day-0 (MLH event) :

  • After completing 18 hours of journey, I have reached to the Dublin on 12th sept,2022. On the same day I have a MLH event to attend at night (which I missed because I slept through it😅).

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  • This was the first day of our conference and second day in Dublin. Excitement and energy were at high level.

  • Picked up the Badge and attended the First time Attendee Breakfast and attended the sessions on Cloud Native security and Dev Team metrics.

  • Took a lunch at nearby Indian Resto and later attended few sessions related to community.

At the evening there was a party organized at famous Guiness Storehouse. The Guinness Storehouse tour was particularly interesting, they showcased the preparation of the iconic Guinness Beer, and we also got to drink some.

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Day-1 Ends here

Day-2 :

  • Started with the River liffey Boat tour organized by Linux Foundation. Enjoyed the boat ride in the chilled winter breeze blowing on our faces☃️. image.png
  • Attended few sessions and networked with people, also had a good discussion with swift (MLH- CEO).

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WhatsApp Image 2022-10-08 at 10.32.41.jpeg

  • In the evening went for the nearby places to explore Dublin City.

Day-3 :

  • The Day-3 started with the most awaited keynote talk by the Linus Torvalds. The main conference hall was jam-packed and every ones eyes were upon the stage and everyone were keenly listening.

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  • Got to know about the many opensource projects which exists in security and machine learning domain.

  • After the keynote talk, I have attended few lightning talks on container images, ebpf.

  • My lightning talk was on the same day, and it was my first time on such a big platform. Done with my talk and went well, they would soon get it uploaded on the YouTube.

Untitled design (1).png

  • In the evening with my Indian friends went to the Malhide castle, which was an awesome beautiful place and in return we had our dinner at Punjabi Resto.

Day-4 :

  • The final Day of the Conference, in the morning we went for a city bus tour organized by Linux foundation. -We all have pre decided to take the Indian flag with us. So as it was my last day at Dublin, we all taken a pic infront of the conference hall carrying out Indian flag

WhatsApp Image 2022-10-08 at 10.55.01.jpeg

  • Maybe you came this far by reading, you would be thinking why I didn't mention anything about any swags and sponsor booths. Okay ok hold it I'm there! 😅

  • There were nearly 80 sponsor booths to grab the swags. Apart from the swags and stickers, it was a great chance to know about the different tech products in the detailed way.

Conclusion :

  • Got to learn many new things, grasped good knowledge, learnt how to think professionally.
  • Everyone were so welcoming to talk and ready to share the knowledge. Networked with the people from different domains of tech, got to know about different view points/perspectives.
  • I got a chance to meet many tech twitter friends.
  • I can say that everything is possible if you are sticked to something for a longer time, you need to show up every day, consistency pays you off. Sky is the limit

Goodbye :

I have my return flight on 16 sept,2022 . Goodbye's are really hard😶. Me along with my Indian mates all became very close friends, enjoyed a lot as a team, travelled together. Everything has to come to an end. We gave a final Goodbye to the Dublin city, Ireland. Thank you for hosting the great conference at an awesome place. Came back to India on 17th sept 2022 with many heartful memories❤️

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  • I would be surely trying to attend the upcoming conferences. Maybe the next stop could be the Kubecon Europe-2023🤞.

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